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Heaven & Earth Holistic Therapies

Glossary: About My Practice

TCM:Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the cause not the symptoms.

Yin & Yang:Represents opposite but complementary qualities. Each thing or phenomenon could be itself and its contrary. Yin contains a seed of yang, so that it can transform into yang and yang contains a seed of yin, so as to transform into yin. One cannot exist without the other.

Five Element Theory:The basic qualities of natural phenomena or movements and nature. They can transform into one another and generate each other. They represent a naturalistic view of the problems within the body & mind and disease as being caused by life style.

Qi: Yin & Yang Life Energy Flow within the Body.

Meridian: The Life Flow Energy Channel.

Tsubo: Key Points close to the Surface of the Skin that can affect a change within the body.

Fire * Earth * Metal *Water * Wood

Heart Spleen Lung Kidney Liver

Oriental Bodywork:

The practitioner is able to access the distribution of the body's qi and affect its flow. It is based on the assessment of the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic condition of the receiver and uses a variety of manual manipulation techniques to stimulate and manipulate the flow of qi and blood within the meridians and tsubos to remove blockages that can correct and prevent problems, which promotes self-healing within the body and restores health and well-being. By replenishing and harmonizing the vital energy of the body to balance and strengthen the body, mind, soul and spirit, health is maintained.

Negative emotions cause a disruption in the body's energy system (qi). And 

unresolved negative emotions are the major contribution to pain and disease. Positive wellness is the cornerstone of your quality of life. 

Anmacomes from China and is the oldest form of massage in the Orient and the world. It gave birth to shiatsu tuina and swedish massage. It is based on the principles of Oriental Chinese Medicine theory using manual manipulation techniques to stimulate key points on the skin's surface to promote the body's natural self-healing abilities.

TuiNa is a more specialized form of Chinese massage utilizing rhythmic compression, manual and other techniques along the meridian lines and tsubos that manipulate the body's energy flow and lubricate the joints. It focuses on specific problems which allows work to be done on the chi energy on a deeper level. It is considered to be Asian medical and sports massage being more therapeutic than relaxing in nature and most like conventional western massage.

Shiatsuis a Japanese form of manual pressure therapy rooted in ancient Chinese Medicine philosophy which is a shorter form of anma. It combines manual techniques and stretching along the meridian lines with the intent to manipulate and stimulate them in order to balance the chi energy within the body, so as to heal and restore health and well-being.

Acupressure Massage (jin shin do) is Chinese manual manipulation utilizing Oriental Chinese Medicine theory to treat the physical, mental, and emotional problems within the receiver's body by using finger pressure on specific tsubos along the meridian lines to remove blockages and balance the Qi energy, which will strengthen, rejuvenate and restore health and well-being.

Japanese Facelift & Toning Facial Massage (ko bi do) an ancient way of beauty that utilizes acupressure to treat the surface and deep facial tissues, tsubos and meridians in conjunction with a three stage procedure, which is the most powerful method for the prevention and treatment of age spots and wrinkles.

Oriental Hand & Foot Reflexology (zoku shin do) It is an ancient healing art based on the belief that the feet and hands are mirrors of the body, and by applying pressure and massaging specific areas it can correct distortions and reduce or eliminate general imbalances in the qi to alleviate ailments in corresponding areas of the body.

Reiki Healing or Distance Healing Session: is a Japanese spiritual practice that supports personal development and natural healing and increases the flow of a person’s supply of life energy.

Western Modalities:Various manipulations of the muscles and soft tissues of the body for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining health that are based on ancient principles.

Swedish Massage is a relaxing full-body massage that releases tension and increases the circulation within the muscles.

Deep-Tissue Massage is a full-body massage that focuses on the deeper layers of muscles within the body. First warming up the superficial layers and then applying a stronger pressure with a variety of techniques to the targeted muscles that need to be addressed.

Medical Massage can address and work on a particular problem within the body in a variety of ways.

Sports Massage helps to get the muscles ready for increased activity and can also help to relax the body after increased activity.

Pre-Natal Massage is a relaxing soothing massage for women who are pass their third month to help keep the muscles in shape by relaxing them and increasing circulation. Great for mom-to-be and baby.

Holistic Health& Wellness Life Coaching:Utilizing my holistic path and knowledge, leading you into a more natural way to live a positive healthy li

"Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit"