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Heaven & Earth

Holistic Therapies


"A Healing Touch"​​

My bodywork is unique in that I combine several different Traditional Chinese Medicine & Japanese Techniques for the Body, Mind & Spirit

I also do Reiki & Pranic Healing 

as well as Holistic Wellness Counseling 

Each session treats the needs of the individual

Just for today

Release all anger

Release all worry and fear

Be grateful for all life’s blessings

Devote yourself to your work

Be kind to yourself and to all living creatures


 Anma, Shiatsu, Acupressure, 

TuiNa (Sports & Medical)

Asian Facelift

Asian Reflexology

Lymphatic Drainage

Chair Session

(Upper or Full Body)

Usui Reiki

Pranic Healing

Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki Master

Holistic Wellness Counseling

Nutritional Counseling


By Appointment 

Friday and Saturday

Women Only



 $60 an Hour

 $40 Half an Hour

$100 Hour and Half

Reiki & Pranic Healing

$50 an Hour

$30 Half an Hour

 Holistic Wellness Counseling

$60 Initial Session

$40 for Additional 

Carol A. Brandt, LMBT 

Reiki, Pranic & Spiritual Healer 

Holistic Wellness Counselor

Location: Wyandotte, Michigan

To Schedule your Appointment

Call or text  (734) 755-6674

Cash no Credit Cards


Holistic Wellness & Nutritional Counseling

for Body, Mind & Spirit

Reiki ​Distant Healing 

A healer is someone that you go to who will trigger within

 your own ability to heal yourself

Give Yourself "The Gift of Health"